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PostSubject: Kimamaru   Kimamaru Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 3:12 pm

Name: Kaguya, Kimimaru

Birthplace: Kirikure

Gender: Male

Personality: As well with the numerous physical changes, Kimimaro has gone under several emotional break downs and has transformed himself via them into a new person mentally. Arriving to the conclusion Orochimaru was using him, and that he was a simple pawn in his game of chess, Kimimaro left Otogakure, leaving him numb, and with no purpose to go on in life. Thoughts of suicide intertwined with images of hunting down the Uchiha plagued his mind, but in the end, nothing seemed to fit as something to do with his life. He decided to wander the ninja nations to soul search, and he then realized his purpose in life was to resurrect the Kaguya Clan. This was it. The only thing that mattered, somehow or someway, making a child and making sure it eventually had a child, and so on. Resurrecting the fallen clan to surpass the dwindling Uchihas was his only goal or care in the world.

Specialty: Taijutsu

Appearance: The last hope of the slowly decaying Kaguya clan, or at least that's how he sees himself, Kimimaro Kaguya is not the person he was 13 years ago in Otogakure. This is not only true regarding his emotional state, but his physical appearance as well. His bone white hair remains so, still allowed to willow over his head as a dead body strung over a casket, Kimimaro no longer has it braided on the left and the right, it simple hangs as it will, reaching down to his shoulders, his hair is not even by a long shot, reaching his ears in some parts and as prior stated, his shoulders in others, and all places in between, it is not neat by any standard. His eyes remain the same, the light green they have always been. However, if one looks closely, a small sliver or a light yellow, the color of Orochimaru's eyes, can be seen if looked at in the right light. He to no longer wears the red makeup around his eyes. However, he still proudly wears the two purple circular marks above his brows on the left and the right, symbolizing the last true Kaguya. His nose remains the same, as always. His teeth have turned into a light yellow, not rotten by any means, but not crystal clear white by far, either. The cartilage that builds up over his Adam's apple has become steadily bigger, and more profound. The cause is unknown. His muscles have become more evident as he has started participating in more rigorous and physically dependent on raw power based exercises, relying less and less on his Kekkei Genkai, he still uses it own a daily basis. He wears a navy greenish blue shinobi vest, always unzipped over his torso. It's various pockets hold notes written upon scrolls with black ink, a few bones here and there, and other assorted shinobi tools. However sparce of senbon and kunai, he has no need for them, being able to produce them on a whim from any part of his body, it is a waste to carry them. Under the vest he wears an translucent almost skin tight long sleeved shirt, as opposed to the standard ninja fishnet. This is not without special properties, as any cut made to it by his own bones will immediately vanish as soon as the bone is retracted from the cut. This allows the shirt to stay untorn. Around his neck he wears a single neckless, it is strung with a fishing line, it is a long loss souvenir from his years as a young child in Kirigakure. Around it, is the middle finger joint of his mother, however he doesn't know it, nor does he care. Wearing a simple loose but not too loose pair of pants, they carry a very similar property of the shirt, recovering from wounds caused by Kimimaro's own bones. It is unknown where or by who they were made, but it is evident they have come into Kimimaro's possession. He has grown taller since his younger years, now accurately depicting a grown man. His arms are long, and from unknown practices, the veins on his arm have become strangely visible as indents under his skin, it is unknown how or why this is so. The knuckles, suffering from the same situation as his neck, has the cartilage on the knuckles built up, creating larger knuckles and much longer fingers. All in all, Kimimaro has changed. Either for the better or for the worst, it is uncertain.

A worth notice factor, he carries no ninja headband at all on his person.

History: Long ago, in the Land Of Waves, Kirigakure, the Kaguya Clan thrived. However, the village elders noticed something unusual about a Kaguya orphan. He showed massive amounts of skill and power regarding the clan techniques, something that was extremely rare. Before any formal ninja training he could lay waste to seas of shinobi of all ranks. And because of this, he was locked up. Never to see the light of day except from the slivers of light shining through the prison walls, Kimimaro was imprisoned out of fear of his potential. Aside from that, all was not well in the shinobi nation of Kirigakure. The Mizukage had seen the horrors that could be unleashed by Kekkei Genkai. Tools that would allow a genin to destroy villages. He saw this has a major threat. The hyouton based clan that Haku belonged to, the Kaguya, and numerous others. He enacted the eradication of any clan with a Kekkei Genkai or seceret technique. However, the Kaguya clan made a treaty with the village allowing them to have "peaceful" co-existence on the edges of the village. This wouldn't last long. Soon the Kaguya clan decided to destroy the Mist Village, and deep at night planned the ravage Kirigakure. Partial related, that night Haku and Zabuza were leaving the Village Hidden in the Mist. The clan released Kimimaro from his cell, on the instructions to demolish the village, as every Kaguya clansmen would. As they fought, they made their way to the center of the village, where the Kirigakure shinobis showed their true ranks, as hundreds of ninjas stormed from the buildings, and the Kaguya fought untill the end. A young Kimimaro Kaguya, was not present for this initial, atop a hill above Kirigakure, he ran into Zabuza and Haku. Asking them if they were Kirigakure Shinobi, he drew his blade. Zabuza answered "No", and Haku gasped in his head, this child had the same look of being lost in the world as Haku did before Zabuza...

Finding his way to Kirigakure, the fight still waged on. Hundreds of shinobi dead, the Kaguya were slowly giving away. As Kimimaro got into the heart of the battle, the Kaguya lost. Kimimaro went mad. decimating the surviving Kirigakure shinobi, he fought his way out of the village, killing everything in his path, until he arrived in a mist laden area south of Kirigakure, where Orochimaru had been traveling in. The trees encompassing the area, the young Kimimaro was wandering about, until Orochimaru, here by pure chance, luckily found him. Approaching him, he extended his hand out to him, clasping his ear. A quick motion with his fingers, Orochimaru preformed an ancient acupuncture technique to induce infatuation and obsession among the target, however, it instead produced never ending loyalty, Orochimaru had procured the perfect vessel for his dream. Slowly teaching him technique after technique, the young Kaguya found friendship in Juugo's eyes. The only one who could calm him, the single gentle gust in the hurricane of twisting homicidal tendencies and self hatred, he was the only one who Juugo could talk to, and thus, was his only friend. Making regular visits while in Otogakure, he grew up with Juugo to lack of a better word. Eventually gaining the Gaia Curse seal from Orochimaru himself, to date it was the strongest curse seal, and arguably still is.

Being introduced to the sound four, he gave them two options, obedience or death. Prompting for neither, they both attacked him. His untrained curse seal level 1 demolished their fully trained levels, showing the raw power the boy had, and he then became their leader. Following out special missions for Otogakure, they became the elite team. However, soon he began to suffer the weaknesses of a strange disease, causing chronic internal bleeding. Something even Kabuto's medical knowledge could only slow, and not even much at that, he still aged and slowly died. Growing weaker and weaker, he accompanied Kabuto and Orochimaru on a mission to kill the Kazekage and take his place. This was easy. Slaying the Suna Jounin on a dime, he was proving his worth even in weakness. Coughing up blood, it was evident his Kekkei Genkai somehow triggered this. He still followed on. Returning to Otogakure, his disease took a nasty turn for the worse, as he became bed ridden within the walls of Otogakure's most elite medic cells, he was privately cared for by Kabuto. During the time of the Chuunin exam, Kimimaro took a turn for the worse while he was unattended to, weakening into the coils of death, his life seemed dim. He was losing worth for Orochimaru... He was losing value... He was becoming useless.

Upon Orochimaru's return, he was told he selected a new vessel. One that would replace Kimimaro. Something that would require Kimimaro's own help to procure... He could be some use after all. Being given all the help he could from Kabuto, he headed off, the pain from the unnamed disease carrying on. Arriving at a plain, he was stopped by a young Naruto and Rock Lee, attempting to reach Sasuke. Quickly incinerating their hopes of winning, he trumped every move they did. Eventually Naruto decided to go on, Rock Lee staying in for the rest of the fight. Soon and quickly being left to die, Gaara appeared. Holding the upper hand at first, Kimimaro soon got the "feel" of the sand, and quickly recovered, demolishing his defenses. Activating the curse seal, he continued to trump every single move he did, but a terrible pain existed within him, the disease was taking a turn for the worse. Knowing he would die, he had to finish it quickly. However, being stormed with miles and miles of sand did little to help, as he was forced to activate his second level of the curse seal quicker then he had the first. Revealing the ultimate strength of the Kaguya, he unveiled dances that both horrified and defeated the two ninja. As the second wave of endless sand soon came, Kimimaro had one hope to end this quick.... Quickly unleashing his then strongest jutsu, he killed them both.

Or so he thought.

Gaara's sand cloud saved them by an inch, them both breathing fast, they could feel in their hearts someone was about to die. Letting out a quick and defiant scream, he arrived out of the endless stalks of towering bone, his drill not even an inch from the head of both Gaara and Lee, they were beyond godlike in luck at this moment. They were a nano second from death, where the disease that plagued Kimimaro had took the final petal. He had died. Drips of blood fell, landing on a small white flower below... The wind ripping each petal off. The two ninja made their way out, and Kimimaro was strung in the sky, falling down into the grass, he fell into an area where he was quickly covered in grass, mud, dirt, and he was caked in a natural tomb. Otogakure needed dead bodies for their experiments regarding reviving the dead. The then Otokage hired several people to bring in dead bodies, what they did to get them was not important. A 30 some year old drunkard heard of a war in Kirigakure, and so he headed in what he thought was the general direction of Kirigakure, got drunk, passed out, and thought he arrived. Finding himself on top of a mound, he figured it was a makeshift grave, and found Kimimaro. Making his way back to Otogakure, he was soon discovered to be Kimimaro. Quickly they tested their revival techniques, and Kimimaro was reborn anew. Quickly finding out about the death of both Orochimaru and the Sound 4, Kimimaro was disgusted with the Otogakure, and remained only on grounds of Orochimarus past leadership.

Until Kimimaro started thinking. His thought process was strange, and in no doubt flawed, but it made sense to him. He concluded Orochimaru wanted to only use him to get Sasuke. Nothing more. He was a wrench, a screw driver. Nothing more. He grew to loathe Orochimaru, as well as Otogakure. Hiding his feelings as a simple wish to leave and find a mate, of which he did, he left Otogakure for good, and in that, began wandering the Ninja world, suicidal thoughts and homicidal thoughts alike.
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