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 Kankura's Jutsus

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Kazekage's Second

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PostSubject: Kankura's Jutsus   Kankura's Jutsus Icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 8:56 pm

Name: Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot

Type: Attack

Requirements: Must have Crow and Black Ant

Description: First the opponent must be trapped in the torso of Black Ant. After this is accomplished, Crow separates into eight components. The torso is left behind while the arms, legs, and head are positioned around Black Ant, each with a sharp blade. I then guide the separate pieces into slits in Black Ant's torso, impaling the victim inside.

Name: Black Secret Technique Machine Two Shot

Type: Attack

Description: The enhanced version of Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot which doesn't require Crow. After making a distraction, I maneuver Black Ant behind the victim, which then opens up its chest and fires out chakra controlled strings that wrap around its intended target. It then winds these strings back in to trap the target in its chest. With the victim
trapped, two scythe like blades appear and reap through one side of the puppet to the other, killing the victim inside.

Name: Poison Mist Hell: Hundred Continuous Hell

Type: Attack

Description: By using my Puppet Technique, I move Crow and Black Ant into position around his target. Crow launches poison mist bombs at the opponent, surrounding them with gas. When their vision is blocked, both the puppets will launch needles from their arms at their victim.

Name: Puppet Technique

Type: Attack

Description: he Puppet Technique is a unique ninjutsu fighting style; this jutsu uses strings of chakra to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra strings can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet. Both Chiyo and Sasori demonstrated the ability to control entire puppets perfectly using just one string. While most puppeteers would normally be able to control ten puppets at most (one per finger), Sasori's self-modification allowed him to control up to one hundred puppets at a time.This technique has few weaknesses: according to Shino Aburame's observations during his fight against KankurĊ, the Puppet technique is a long range style, meaning that the puppeteers are weak against close range fighters. Since most puppeteer use his or her hands to manipulate the puppets, if their hands are disabled, then the technique can be neutralized. Also, while controlling the puppet, the user is wide open if the opponent bypasses the puppet. For this reason, puppeteers avoid hand to hand battle, relying almost exclusively on their puppets instead. However, Sasori has managed to create innovative methods that can bypass such weaknesses, such as Hiruko, which is worn like a disguise, serving as armor and defending himself from attacks, and converting himself into a puppet, he can fight at close range without worrying about leaving himself wide open for a counter attack.

Name: Chakra Strings

Type: Attack

Description: Chakra strings is a technique usually used by puppet users to allow them to control their puppets in battle. Apart from being used to control puppets, the chakra strings can be attached to other objects, allowing the user to control, or at the very least disrupt, other things. In one instance, I use chakra strings to trip Naruto Uzumaki when they first meet. In another, Chiyo uses chakra strings to control a person like a puppet. The strings can be made invisible, as Chiyo did with the Manipulating Attack Blades to sneak a string to bind Hiruko's iron tail. This technique is limited to one string per finger, but Sasori's modified heart was able to emit enough strings to control over one hundred puppets.

Name: Red Secret Technique: Machinery Triangles

Type: Attack

Description: I takes out my Sasori puppet, detach its head, and launch several triangular blades with bombs attached to them from the neck and palms.

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Kankura's Jutsus
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