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 Mizushima, The Forbidden Ice Clan

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Mizushima, The Forbidden Ice Clan Empty
PostSubject: Mizushima, The Forbidden Ice Clan   Mizushima, The Forbidden Ice Clan Icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 11:20 am

Name: the Mizushima

Element: Ice

Clan Origins: The clan hides under the shadows of hidden mist hoping not to be exposed. This
clan wasn't not mean't to be passed down it originated as experiement
from one of hidden mist's Mad scientists. Who tried teaching younger ninja to
master multiple elements at once. He tried multiple times having many
failures and amazing winter wonderlands. The same scientist is believed
to have been killed. The secrets of the Clan have sealed away by the
Previous Mizukage.

The outside world knows very little and have
only heard rumours about this clan, The only information everyone passed on
is that it origins are from hidden mist, their believed to be advancded water
jutsu users. They only exist in Dein's dimension.

Clan Symbol:

Anything unique about the members?: Most people born into the clan have snow white hair, and light green or blue eyes. Some member are born with black hair. Dein being born and raised in the village hidden in the sand has brown hair and brown eyes but they have the green ring showing his Mizukage side.
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Mizushima, The Forbidden Ice Clan
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